Terms And Conditions

Terms And Conditions

The website Coracc Technologies Pvt Ltd contains information, content, and tools are not directed for any use. This website is subject to periodic revision and modification. The content to be considered current as appeared on website without considering the date on which you access information.

Coracc holds the right to update or delete information of this website without any notice. The prior information cannot be taken as a guarantee of future information so keep updated with latest policies.

Limited License
With regards to terms and conditions being set forth in the agreement, Coracc Technologies will grant a non-exclusive limited right to access content and site.

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You agree not to:

  • Attempt or interrupt an operation of a website in any way.
  • Attempt or infringe the website anyway
  • Do not post any defamatory content on this website
  • Will not vague any material including the notice posted on this website
  • Will not use the content of this website to intimidate, defame or dilute or misuse against any individual.