Coracc Spotlight

CORACC supports its clients related to the technology industry throughout the process of their business, from product launch to product marketing. We deliver strategic beta testing, sales management up-selling, cross selling, troubleshooting and many other levels to promote the brand product and lead it towards the successful venture.

CORACC has a team of skillful professionals which brings highest quality of technical support, beta testing, troubleshooting and many other technical domains an enterprise requires. We also work with connectivity issues, usability challenges and resolve system conflicts and challenges increasing the productivity and adds impactful challenges.

CORACC team is so efficient with their work that they nurture the evolving lead into a sale and bring impactful revenue making great client and customers relationship. We provide multi-channel customer interaction experience with insightful analytics and vital marketing strategies. CORACC helps its client to link with the wider marketing initiative and manage the enterprise more efficiently.

CORACC and its team works essentially to engage with our clients and their customers throughout the product lifecycle to provide seamless brand experience. We ensure never to leave any gap regarding the existing customers experience and we work with case management, warranty claims and induce multi-channel marketing.

Anchorage customer data to maximize targeted audience with precise customer and sales interaction. CORACC provides end-to-end support system for inventory, shipping, claims and warranty support for various enterprises. Our team provides campaign development and consulting for different market and client's channel partner.

CORACC has dedicated sales team who are skillful and expert professionals for comprehensive inbound and outbound sales and customer interactions, We incorporate all major ways of selling a product like up-selling and cross selling to engage more customer and increase our targeted audience. We even work for renewal calls, warranty subscription, retention and loyalty programs for better customer interaction on larger scale.