Retail & e-Commerce

Coracc Spotlight

The customer gets aware whenever they open their receipt emails from making a purchase. Thus, ecommerce marketing is more than an industry but a marketing opportunity. Our marketers promote your products and services for different enterprises. We nurture every lead into a successful sale leading our clients towards a successful business.

For ecommerce industries, multi-channel marketing is the stronger tool. We utilize the power of digital marketing, which can help to market your business products reach the skies. We derive data campaigns and generate sales and loyalty marketing. We even work with promotion campaigns, surveys and creative services.

Leveraging ecommerce marketing services by integrating digital marketing, technology and sales offers profound and profitable enterprise. We not only focus on the targeted traffic but also reach to extreme extent for lead generation and proactive sales strategy.

Whatever e-commerce marketing strategy we utilize is tracked with advanced analytics to optimize the campaign. This means to grow faster, spend less, and without any stress. Just focus on the things which are essential to grow business.

Support your deliberate sourcing partner and build tactical seller experience with expert technical support. CORACC brings you a team of dedicated professionals who are expert s in the field of shipping queries, general enquiries, escalations and complaints, sales and other different levels of any back-end and front-end campaigns of a particular industry.

Our comprehensive multi-channel customer service enables the latest technology leading towards astonishing results in sales, lead generation and customer satisfaction. Our team of experts add scalability and disciplined workflow that eventually brings profitable results.