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Coracc Spotlight

CORACC indulges in integrated sales and new subscription services fulfilling various aspects from customer care to lead generation and new subscriptions. Drive profound revenues by incorporating inbound and outbound interaction with your customers for better industry growth. We back you up with back-end and front-end processes, technical support and cancellation and retention processes.

CORACC brings you a team of expert and professional marketers who bring high-end leads and business for our clients and their enterprises. We use carious tools and platforms to bring profitable revenues by targeting customers with personalized marketing communications for next level subscription and use the methods of cross selling to gauge more customers.

Create authentic brand followers by implementing our customer service for general as well as product enquiry. We provide skilled employees to concentrate completely on the targeted customers and use various sales ethics like up-selling and cross-selling to gauge wide range of customers.

CORACC uses multi-channels like social or digital ensuring every customer enquiry reaches our clients for better improvement of the product according to customer satisfaction. We provide services like help desk, collections, retentions and instant messaging and emailing processes for improved customer interaction.

CORACC offers a team who manage the inventory and logistics by reducing the work load and enhance the field operation systems helping our clients in driving more NPS. CORACC is efficient in creating the client and customer relationship and enhancing the customer interaction experience.

CORACC and its team has a department of experts who assist our client's customer to help them with the warranty activation or re-activation. We use latest upcoming tools and try to incorporate the evolving technology in our productivity as well. Our operational expertise and workflow management are the star points for our clients and we are more than efficient in providing proficient outcomes way before the deadline.