Coracc Spotlight

CORACC helps its clients in selling their products to new prospects, old policy holders with expired policy, reactivated member and even cross-sold policy holder to increase the industry growth. We use every platform to gauge more and more revenue using constructive effective strategy.

We provide skillful employees who are expert in gaining competitive advantage by concentrating on policyholder and their experience in using our services. We provide multi-layer communication and interaction support including inbound and outbound conversation for both front-end and back-end transactions.

Our team is certified and skilled professionals who are expert and posses in-depth experience in regards to health insurance industry. We provide extensive data entry, data management and documentation management following both Medicare and Medicaid guidelines.

CORACC is one industry leading brand with various business solution for smooth and impactful revenue generation. We incorporate many web enable policy management platform with rich policy administration and efficient functionality support.