Banking & Financial Services

Coracc Spotlight

CORACC is the answer for all your banking related product outsourcing. We at CORACC have certified experts who are professionals in dealing in any banking sector. Be it New user application, customer care, payment processing, loyalty cards, sales, cross-sales and up-selling. Our team also has employees who can work on mobile payment apps, credit cards and debit card generation and various other domains.

With certified leverages, CORACC brings you a team of skilled professional who not only have the internal knowledge on how to run a banking and financial business but are also aware of the rules and regulations regarding the data breaches for various countries.

CORACC has a dedicated team only as the collections and debt collectors. These professionals are expert in extracting money out of the lenders and use the best practice using the leading edge technologies in providing the improved service across all collection platforms.

CORACC provides improved client and customer acquisitions through rigorous ways of process management and analytics. We deploy various integrated tools and more efficient technology driven processes as segment of risk management. We always carry controlled steps to protect our client's business from payment frauds.

Our team is skillful in providing a protective work flow dealing with our clients and their customers keeping in mind about the various aspects of data breach. CORACC follows all the guidelines to keep the customer's and the client's personal data safe and secure. We follow all the specifications like KYC, identity verification tools and even detect fraudulent activity if any.

CORACC helps their clients in processing and optimizing your customer service with fully functional back office and online support. We provide business processing and customer service across front-end and back-end process with end-to-end support for various domestic and international enterprises.